With a focus on providing a personalized blend of excitement and relaxation, The Grand Ho Tram Strip now offers the great Minh Dam Tour for guests to experience some of the fantastic attractions that surround the resort.
The complimentary Minh Dam Tour is a 3-hour program (travel time included) that takes travelers into the historic Minh Dam Mountain. Known for its lush forests and numerous rock caves, Minh Dam Mountain is awash in history as a revolutionary base during Vietnam’s marathon struggle for its independence.

Staying with this revolutionary theme, guests will next hike the 323 meters trail to the top of Da Che (Split Rock) Mountain, which once also was a troop station, and where the panoramic views of Ho Tram continue to expand on the final ascent to the region’s rooftop.

Changing themes here, guests will then visit the spiritual heart of Ho Tram, taking in the Hon Mot (Linh Quang) Pagoda, where idyllic settings provide ideal backdrops for beautifully ornate temples, statues and terraced bonsai gardens.

The final stop on The Grand circuit sees a visit to Trúc Lâm Chân Nguyên Monastery, known colloquially as the Monkey Pagoda.  Its cherry blossom forest gives way to a serene meditation space that blends seamlessly into its natural surrounds – a forest home to the countless monkeys from which it derives its nickname.  The friendly primates are an attraction in their own right, and travelers often bring bananas and other fruits for them.

To participate in this complimentary historical tour, The Grand guests simply have tour booking made prior their check-in at the resort.

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