Location: Ho Tram, Xuyen Moc, BR-VT
Industry: Hotel & Hospitality, Gaming
Working Type: Contract
Working Time: Fulltime
Salary: Negotiable
Level: Staff
Deadline to Apply: As soon as possible
Descriptions: ➤ Establish and maintain the standards of the retail shop etiquette and service in all interactions with guests and staff. Maintain consistency and understanding when implementing the retail shop and business objectives, as they relate to retail operations, finance, human resources, marketing and health & safety.
➤ Executing the business objectives and verbiage to all retail employees is ongoing, whilst also ensuring that all financial and marketing opportunities are maximized in alignment with Department.
➤ Responsible for meeting minimum sales goals for the retail department, ordering, purchase orders and current inventory as determined by Department.➤ Responsible for accurate tracking and recording of daily sales and available inventory and reporting this to the Director of Rooms in a timely manner.➤ Responsible for tracking and notifying when inventory levels require reordering of supplies, product expiry dates are upcoming and similar sales related processes

➤ Responsible for developing retail schedules for retail associates including training on proper selling techniques that uphold retail standards including verbiage, skills and daily/monthly sales goals.

➤ Develop and maintain vendor relationships and will research and recommend new products and lines that will boost the sales through the retail department.

Requirements: ➤ Bachelor degree in a related field or equivalent experience. Ability to work well in a team environment.➤ Ability to communicate fluently in the primary language of the workplace, both verbally and nonverbally.➤ Demonstrate business acumen in the areas of: sales and retail management. (3 years requirement).➤ Proficient communication and presentation skills are essential.

➤ Identify and anticipate guest needs responding with sincere and congenial hospitality.

➤ Ability to monitor and drive the performance of individuals and the retail revenue.


Send your CV to

  • Address: Recruitment Team – The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, BRVT
  • Or Email: [email protected]