Location: Ho Tram, Xuyen Moc, BR-VT
Industry: Hotel & Hospitality, Gaming
Working Type: Contract
Working Time: Fulltime – Part Time
Salary: Negotiable
Level: Staff
Deadline to Apply: As soon as possible
Descriptions: ➤ Be well versed with the depot facility and services to be able to provide directions and information to guests. Be an ambassador for the resort by being well informed of the property facility, services, events and local attractions and promote those to the guest, especially for the Casino.➤ Warmly greet the guest, assist with luggage, give directions in the depot facility, arrange for travel accommodations, and alert The Ho Tram Resort Casino property of any issues or requests that guest might have communicated.➤ Carry out bus pre-departure duties including checking the emergency equipment, ensure the bus is clean and tidy, ensure that information in the seat pockets is up to date and that all food and beverage stocks are on board.

➤ Make announcements on behalf of the bus driver and answer guests’ questions during the journey.

➤ Enroll guests who want to join the Ho Tram Rewards membership.

➤ Ensure guests disembark safely at the end of a journey and check that there is no luggage left in the overhead compartments. Work closely with other cross over departments at resort to ensure efficiency and communication of the guest’s needs.

➤ Resolve and escalate all issues of concern that occur with the guest and ensure they are completely resolved.

Requirements: ➤ Good PR skills. Knowing all existing promotions, programs, room guidelines etc.➤ Knowing all the services of the company, all procedures, policies, guidelines➤ Competence on Computer and Sequel program. Excellent customer’s service skills


Send your CV to

  • Address: Recruitment Team -The Grand Ho Tram, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, BRVT
  • Or Email: [email protected]