Enhance 60 mins
A deep cleansing and purifying facial that leaves you with fresh, toned skin with matte appearance.
Man Space 30 mins
A traditional wet shave with hot towels and customised scalp treatment to treat conditions such as alopecia, thinning hair and dandruff.
Revitalize 30 mins
A revitalising treatment especially designed for men, bestowing energy and vitality and improving the health of the hair and scalp, ensuring strong hair growth and a shiny, healthy appearance.
Man Space Ritual       120 mins
A wonderful way to walk out feeling like a totally cleansed and purified gentleman. Excellent treat after toiling through heavy workloads or simply, when you want to do something special for yourself. Begin with the wonderful Cleanse, an exfoliation that leaves your skin smooth and clean. Follow this with a combination of signature shave and personalised facial for men. Finish with a wonderful express duo for both your hands and feet where your nails will be cut, filed and buffed.