Relax 60/90 mins
A full body massage combining a multitude of eastern and western techniques, physical relaxation is guaranteed thanks to a harmonious balance of touch and scent. Each massage is personalised according to your specific needs and physical concerns.
Purify 60/90 mins
A soothing and calming massage, Purify restores the body’s natural energy and balance. Using long and light massage strokes combined with gentle body rocking and stretching this treatment is complemented with pre-selected aromatherapy oils for the perfect restorative massage.
Invigorate 60/90 mins
Specifically designed for sports enthusiasts, Invigorate is for those who really enjoy strong massage. Accompanied by a warming and stimulating essential oil blend, the body is stretched, muscles are softened and vertebrae re-aligned, using selected massages techniques including deep tissue, traditional Thai massage and yoga techniques.
Deep Tissue   60/90 mins
An intense restorative treatment specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Deep tissue and cross muscle fiber massage techniques, with stretching and draining movements work on the deeper layers of the tissues. Pressure points combined with forearm and elbow work provide immense benefits from this advanced massage.