This selection of treatments is purpose-designed and time-focused. They can be added on to our massage and facials services allowing you to create your own enhanced and personalised spa experience.

Calm 30 mins
Rich in nourishing minerals, the application of a warm energizing mud deeply penetrates into the muscles of the back to soothe pain and tension and detoxify tissues from toxins. A scalp massage ends this treatment recommended for workaholics or after intense physical activities. Add to any facial for those seeking deep physical relaxation.
Fresh 30 mins
A quick-fix facial, Fresh includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and a relaxing massage for face and neck. A moisturiser and sunscreen application delivering maximum hydration and protection complete the facial. Add to any massage for a refreshed and vital complexion.
Revive 30 mins
Put a spring in your step with our unique massage for the feet, incorporating Shiatsu and reflexology massage modalities. Revive will improve circulation and deliver a sensation of lightness to heavy and tired legs and feet. Add to any facial to stimulate energy levels.
Energize 30 mins
An intensive, therapeutic treatment with essential oils counteracts hair and scalp conditions through oxygenating and stimulating microcirculation massage. The additional relaxation of the tight areas of the neck and shoulders restores a deep vital energy.
Soothe 30 mins
When time is of essence, this is an ideal treatment that wonderfully reduces fatigue concentrating on areas that hold stress. A back massage induces a deep sense of relaxation while pressure point on the scalp and deep stretching movement on the neck stimulate the nervous system and leaves you feeling revived.