Our signature spa offers a wide variety of treatment options and locations, including beachside cabana services. The Grand Spa at Ho Tram also offers a full fitness center.

Our full service facility offers a tranquil atmosphere that provides a wide variety of locations for spa therapy treatments, including private beachside cabanas with views of the rolling waves of Ho Tram Beach.

In addition to spa services, guests will enjoy access to premium fitness facilities with state of the art equipment including a wide variety both cardio and weight training machines. Steam rooms are also available.

Advanced reservations are recommended for The Grand Spa.




Relax 60/90 mins
A full body massage combining a multitude of eastern and western techniques, physical relaxation is guaranteed thanks to a harmonious balance of touch and scent. Each massage is personalised according to your specific needs and physical concerns.
Purify 60/90 mins
A soothing and calming massage, Purify restores the body’s natural energy and balance. Using long and light massage strokes combined with gentle body rocking and stretching this treatment is complemented with pre-selected aromatherapy oils for the perfect restorative massage.
Invigorate 60/90 mins
Specifically designed for sports enthusiasts, Invigorate is for those who really enjoy strong massage. Accompanied by a warming and stimulating essential oil blend, the body is stretched, muscles are softened and vertebrae re-aligned, using selected massages techniques including deep tissue, traditional Thai massage and yoga techniques.
Deep Tissue   60/90 mins
An intense restorative treatment specifically designed for tight, stressed and aching muscles. Deep tissue and cross muscle fiber massage techniques, with stretching and draining movements work on the deeper layers of the tissues. Pressure points combined with forearm and elbow work provide immense benefits from this advanced massage.


Explore varied offers massage packages which are thoroughly designed by our dedicated massage therapists who are expert at The Spa.

Learn more about our premium services and facilities at The Spa.

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Hot Stone 90 mins
Powerful combinations of the healing properties of hot stones, together with advanced massage techniques help restore a sense of balance and well-being. Heat from the stones help loosen sore muscles and allows the therapist to expertly provide relief to deep-seated tension in muscles.  
Thai 90 mins
Thai massage uses a sequence of gentle and flowing movements, which massage while stretching the body. In addition, known as lazy man’s yoga, the treatment aids in loosening up of tight joints and restoring the flow of energy throughout the body with acupressure techniques aimed at harmonising and energising.
Nourish 60 mins
A treatment that provides perfect tone, elasticity, anti-oxidant effect and moisture balance to the skin with the benefits from the fresh pumpkin cells, tomato, artichoke and beet extracts.
Detox 60 mins
A balance and detoxify treatment that accelerate the body metabolism favoring profound purification as well as an effective slimming action.
Cleanse 45 mins
An energizing, deeply renewing body scrub made up of extracts of volcanic scrub particles and a blend of cooling essential oils to give instant vitality and freshness.
Tranquility 150 mins
This therapy takes you to a new level of delight for 2½-hours. After the skin is exfoliated with a body scrub, you will revel in the delicious sensations of a full-body Aromatherapy Oil Massage and your face is pampered with a Facial, the ultimate beauty treatment.
Indulge 120 mins
Spend 2 hours in your private tranquil at spa suite to round off this luxury spa experience with two hours of personalized treatments
Ho Tram 90 mins
An excellent package recommended after a day of intense physical activity. It starts with a body scrub to refresh your skin tone and follow by our special Ho Tram massage. This pampering package is completed by two of our professional therapists, working in tandem to gently ease the body into a state of total relaxation.
Refine/Refine+ 60/90 mins
A personalized facial according to your skin condition and concerns, whether it be deep purification, intense hydration or soothing nourishment, the treatment becomes exactly what you need it to be. Refine+ allows you to personalize and add skin extraction for a deeper facial cleanse.
Rejuvenate 90 mins
Look and feel ten years younger; this is your true anti-ageing prescription facial. The most active ingredients, such as Vitamin C formula, next-gen alpha hydroxyl peels, along with lifting and nourishing masks ensure expression lines are softened and the skin feels and looks tight, firm and radiant.

This selection of treatments is purpose-designed and time-focused. They can be added on to our massage and facials services allowing you to create your own enhanced and personalised spa experience.

Calm 30 mins
Rich in nourishing minerals, the application of a warm energizing mud deeply penetrates into the muscles of the back to soothe pain and tension and detoxify tissues from toxins. A scalp massage ends this treatment recommended for workaholics or after intense physical activities. Add to any facial for those seeking deep physical relaxation.
Fresh 30 mins
A quick-fix facial, Fresh includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and a relaxing massage for face and neck. A moisturiser and sunscreen application delivering maximum hydration and protection complete the facial. Add to any massage for a refreshed and vital complexion.
Revive 30 mins
Put a spring in your step with our unique massage for the feet, incorporating Shiatsu and reflexology massage modalities. Revive will improve circulation and deliver a sensation of lightness to heavy and tired legs and feet. Add to any facial to stimulate energy levels.
Energize 30 mins
An intensive, therapeutic treatment with essential oils counteracts hair and scalp conditions through oxygenating and stimulating microcirculation massage. The additional relaxation of the tight areas of the neck and shoulders restores a deep vital energy.
Soothe 30 mins
When time is of essence, this is an ideal treatment that wonderfully reduces fatigue concentrating on areas that hold stress. A back massage induces a deep sense of relaxation while pressure point on the scalp and deep stretching movement on the neck stimulate the nervous system and leaves you feeling revived.
Enhance 60 mins
A deep cleansing and purifying facial that leaves you with fresh, toned skin with matte appearance.
Man Space 30 mins
A traditional wet shave with hot towels and customised scalp treatment to treat conditions such as alopecia, thinning hair and dandruff.
Revitalize 30 mins
A revitalising treatment especially designed for men, bestowing energy and vitality and improving the health of the hair and scalp, ensuring strong hair growth and a shiny, healthy appearance.
Man Space Ritual       120 mins
A wonderful way to walk out feeling like a totally cleansed and purified gentleman. Excellent treat after toiling through heavy workloads or simply, when you want to do something special for yourself. Begin with the wonderful Cleanse, an exfoliation that leaves your skin smooth and clean. Follow this with a combination of signature shave and personalised facial for men. Finish with a wonderful express duo for both your hands and feet where your nails will be cut, filed and buffed.
Manicure 60 mins
Revive your tired hands with our restorative, brightening and moisturizing cream and finish up with buffing, trimming, shaping and two coats of polish where required.
Pedicure 60 mins
Put your best foot forward as a soothing footbath is followed by intense callus and cuticle work. We finish up with buffing, trimming, shaping, base and polish.
Express Manicure 30 mins
A quick cut, file and buff to get immaculate looking hands.
Re-Varnish   30 mins
Refresh your color to the mood you are in or to the event you are heading for.
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